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Why wait for Google? Gigabit Internet coming to Raleigh soon - March 12, 2014
Raleigh, N.C. — Raleigh and parts of the Triangle won't have to wait for Google Fiber in order to receive ultra-fast Internet service as well as an alternative to cable and phone company-delivered TV services. RST Fiber, a company based in Shelby N.C., plans to offer Internet service to homes at gigabit speeds as well as ala carte TV services and...
Shelby firm’s statewide fiber network makes NC a ‘gigabit state’ - March 12, 2014
Shelby, N.C. — RST Fiber on Tuesday activated a North Carolina-wide fiber optic network covering some 3,100 miles, thus making North Carolina a "gigabit state." Gigabit refers to the high-speed access the network can provide and is a term often used to refer to Google Fiber's broadband efforts. Offering up to 100-gigabit per second Internet access, the North Carolina company says it...
WNCN Reports on RST Fiber’s High Tech Internet Expansion

Families in the North Carolina Triangle still using a dial-up or DSL internet connection now have an internet alternative with RST Fiber’s announcement to activate its state-wide fiber optic network. RST Fiber’s network is 100 times faster than regular broadband and is described by co-founder and CEO, Dan Limerick, as being the “Internet of Everything.”