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RST Fiber hopes to beat Time Warner with gigabit service in Raleigh by May
Raleigh News & Observer - March 11, 2014
By Andrew Kenney
RALEIGH — An upstart company claims it has quietly built a high-speed broadband network that will compete head-to-head with Time Warner Cable and other telecom giants across North Carolina within months. RST Fiber, based in Cleveland County, has spent tens of millions of dollars to lease and lay 3,100 miles of fiber optics across North Carolina, according...
RST Fiber Activates America’s First “Gigabit State”
3,100-mile, 100-gigabit fiber network provides unprecedented connectivity in North Carolina Shelby, North Carolina – March 11, 2014 – RST Fiber, a Cleveland County, N.C.-based company that develops and manages state-of-the-art fiber optic networks, announced today that it has activated its 3,100-mile underground fiber network across North Carolina. It is the first privately owned company in the U.S. to introduce and activate a 100-gigabit backbone network employing carrier...