Want gigabit internet? Local company may beat Google to it
WCNC – April 30, 2014
SHELBY, N.C. -- There's a lot of talk about Google Fiber coming to town and offering internet speeds at least 10 times faster than what we have now. That could be years away in Charlotte. But there's a company that says it'll give you that same speed by this summer, and they plan to do it without running a wire to...
Want gigabit internet? Local company may beat Google to it

RST hopes to roll out home service this summer in Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville, offering gigabit internet at around $100 a month. They also plan to offer television and other services and expect to deal with stiff competition from competitors like Google Fiber. “Number one, we have to be price competitive,” Limerick says. “Number two, we have to provide quality and reliable service.”

Number three? They have to tell people they exist.

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