Major NC Fiber System Goes Totally Underground
Underground Construction (Online) - December 2012
RST Global Communications, LLC (RST), based in Shelby, N.C., has completed the first phase of its Real Fiber Network, an underground, 100 percent fiber-optic network that includes backbone, middle and last mile installation. Unique to the industry, RST’s “core-out” network is comparable to Google Fiber in Kansas City but takes it one step further. Unlike the Google infrastructure, RST’s Real Fiber...
How textiles and natural gas are fueling broadband innovation - November 7, 2012
Infrastructure provides an underlying foundation for connectivity, whether you’re talking about electricity, water, highways, or communications. So it follows that lessons learned and resources used in one area of infrastructure development should be applicable in others. RST Global Communications, a small, independent telecommunications company, is putting that idea into practice. The RST story starts in Shelby, North Carolina, a town west of...
How RST Global is building an underground fiber network at half the cost
GigaOm - October 26, 2012
Fiber network are costly, in part because digging trenches to lay the conduit are so expensive. Stringing fiber along telephone poles is cheaper, but has its own issues. A new company claims its drill digs a fiber trench for the cost of an aerial deployment.
Fiber-to-the-home has come to Shelby, North Carolina, in the form of a new network from RST...