RST Fiber installs gigabit connection in Wake Forest

WNCN – April 15,2014

WAKE FOREST, N.C. – Crews with RST Fiber broke ground Tuesday morning on the Triangles first high speed fiber network.

The service was installed for the home Dan Holt. He’ll work as a beta tester and provide his feedback to help the company iron out the kinks in the network.

Gigabit fiber networks give users up to 100 times faster Internet speed than basic broadband.

Holt said this is the next generation of communication for the town of Wake Forest.

“With fiber optic cables there’s no noise on the line where as a traditional copper cable has a lot of noise and it only allows you a certain amount of bandwidth, a low amount. So fiber optic cables, there’s really no speed limit,” said Holt.

Holt said RST Fiber will set up a base of operations in downtown Wake Forest and move though out the town from there.

“One of RST’s goals is to reach neighborhoods in a mass amount. The RST fiber service will cover anyone in town who wants it,” Holt said.

According to a town news release, Wake Forest officials and leaders reached out RST after Google announced it would bring fiber to parts of the Triangle, but not Wake Forest. RST CEO Dan Limerick visited Wake Forest earlier this month.

Already, 1,240 town residents have completed a survey on the network.

By Shumuriel Ratliff, WNCN News