Tired of hovering over your computer, waiting for pages and files to download? Or dealing with dropped phone calls and irritating background static?

You’ve come to the right place. RST’s all-fiber network allows businesses and residents to connect to the Internet and receive broadband services more than 100 times faster than our competitors. In the workplace, this translates into significant time and cost-savings as well as increased employee productivity. We can link geographically dispersed offices, connect remote workers and provide quality voice, video and data service so you don’t lose that video conferencing connection at a crucial moment.

Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps symmetrical are currently available for residential customers, while businesses can access even higher speeds. Here is just a sample of our services:

  • Television & Video – RST provides video on demand (VOD) and high-definition (HD) 3-D connections. That means you can download a two hour movie in a matter of seconds.
  • Gaming – Picture video so fast and crisp, you feel like you’re on the battlefield. RST offers real-time, high-definition online graphics that make it difficult to determine what’s authentic.
  • Telephone – No more static-filled, dropped calls. Instead, enjoy clear connections with friends and loved ones regardless of location.
  • Security – Protect your premise with home and business surveillance high definition cameras and security.

The all fiber-optic network will also provide the foundation for Smart Grid technology.

With RST, you’ll not only experience vast improvement in the quality of your services, you will also get them at a more competitive rate.


RST does business the way it used to be done, putting the customer first. Locally owned and operated, they deliver internet service that is second to none. You will not experience this great quality service with any other internet provider on the planet!”

– Scott Neisler, General Manager of AM 1450 WGNC