These days, access to high-speed network technology is essential for businesses and consumers. RST exemplifies a new generation of service providers – building ultra-high capacity networks to serve enterprise, commercial and residential markets.

Since 2010, we deliver a “core out” all-fiber network unlike any other in operation today. We understand that enterprise applications, cloud services and growing bandwidth needs are best served by a high-performance, flexible platform. As a result, we continue to expand and scale our network to meet your growing needs.

Why Choose RST?
  • Network has speeds more than 100 times faster than competitors
  • Dark fiber service lets businesses choose from a variety of customized connectivity options
  • Deep experience in fiber backhaul connectivity and wireless setup
  • All-fiber broadband offerings provide real-time and low-latency connectivity
  • Network is buried underground below gas, electric, water and sewer lines to ensure maximum security, reliability and weather protection
  • Customer service is second to none

Regardless of size or industry, customers benefit from unprecedented broadband service that ultimately helps boost productivity and reduce time and cost. Our network is built with your future in mind…experience the difference.