• Redefining productivity, reliability and savings
  • Reliable fiber optic connections and unprecedented bandwidth
  • Patient information in a matter
    of seconds
  • Broadband access to bridge the educational divide
  • Speeds 100 times faster than competitors

Experience the RST Difference

Whether you’re a data center whose customers demand high performance connectivity; a hospital looking to handle massive imaging files in a matter of seconds; or a university supporting the growing digital demands of students and high-level research – RST provides unprecedented bandwidth to meet your needs now and in the future. With lightning quick broadband services, crystal clear video streaming and virtually no downtime, RST is redefining productivity, reliability and savings for organizations of all sizes. We deliver a 100 percent underground fiber optic network with speeds more than 100 times faster than the average service offered by competing companies. Take the challenge – compare our speed to your current provider. See what the RST difference is all about.

Server room


For customers with high capacity bandwidth needs and the expertise to control their own network.


In today’s fast-paced and increasingly connected business environment, speed matters.


Our network is buried underground to ensure maximum security, reliability and weather protection.