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RST Global Communications

Formed in Shelby, N.C. in 2009, RST is a member-owned company whose foundation is built on constructing and managing a state-of-the-art all-fiber-optic network that provides unprecedented broadband connectivity, speed and reliability.

Dedicated to quality, high-performance and lower cost services through Reliable Scalable Technologies, RST has made a commitment to provide data centers, hospitals, enterprise, and businesses with a better choice.

Our vission

From backbone, to last mile installation

Our fiber-optic network is 100% underground including backbone, middle and ‘last mile’ installation

Fastest speed rates

Our network moves data at a rate of 10-Gigabits/s, more than 100 x faster than current network speeds

Reduced maintenance cost

Our fiber is installed underground, maintenance requirements and outages are significantly reduced

Lower cost services

All these advantages enable us to deliver a truly end-to-end fiber network at a much lower cost

Over the past two decades, the Internet has not only transformed commerce, government and education, but has made untold volumes of information accessible to citizens from the comfort of home. But access to high-speed network technology remains limited in many areas, and communities that lack such access risk falling behind.

The consequences of outdated network infrastructure are serious. Students suffer when they are unable to access online educational materials – increasingly in the form of video – due to slow network connections. Rural healthcare providers are limited in their ability to provide quality patient care and services that require online consultation or access an insurer’s online database. Businesses – which now consider Internet access to be as basic as electricity and water service – are hesitant to locate anywhere that can’t provide reliable high-speed connectivity. And these are only a few examples.

That’s why leveraging Internet technology continues to be a priority for RST. In addition to increased network speeds at reduced rates, installing all-fiber and other high-speed network infrastructure has other benefits. High-speed networks represent the perfect platform for content and digital transmission going forward; the growth of cloud computing requires “superhighway” transmission going forward; the growth of cloud computing requires “superhighway” the source to the consumer, which is only possible on this type of network.


Our Network

Our network has speeds more than 100 times faster than competitors

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber service lets businesses choose from a variety of customized connectivity options

Deep Experience

Deep experience in fiber backhaul connectivity and wireless setup


All-fiber broadband offerings provide real-time and low-latency connectivity

Underground Network

Network is buried underground to ensure maximum security, reliability and weather protection

Customer Service

Customer service is second to none

Delivered on a 100% underground fiber-optic network, RST provides the information you need, when you need it


We provide our customers high-bandwidth, lowest latency network connectivity, with virtually zero downtime.

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With data and technology demands on the rise, our all-fiber optic network boosts productivity while reducing time and costs.

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