• Healthcare

  • Imagine downloading an MRI or other medical imaging files in a matter of seconds.

Reliable connectivity and a scalable network infrastructure

New technologies, medical applications and regulatory requirements have put pressure on healthcare provider IT networks in recent years. As your organization grows, so does your dependency on the Internet for access to real-time business applications.

In order to improve the quality of patient care and boost productivity, you need reliable connectivity and a scalable network infrastructure.

We can take care of your broadband needs by providing high-speed fiber optic services directly to your facilities. The unlimited bandwidth can generate operating and cost efficiencies, ultimately allowing you to improve hospital success rates and build your practice.

One Hundred time faster

The faster the speed, the more you can focus attention on where it should be – your patients and practice.

With speeds 100 times faster than competing companies

High-capacity dedicated fiber optic networks

Quick response


With speeds 100 times faster than competing companies, RST offers high-capacity, dedicated fiber-optic networks that enable a quick response.

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Forget textbooks, pencils, and binders. These days, laptops and high-speed Internet access are a requirement in most learning environments.

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Data Centers

From energy, lighting and telecommunications to security systems, data centers serve as the main hub of today's communications infrastructure.

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Fiber-connected Communities are America's Future