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  • From internet, phone services, business surveillance high-definition cameras and security, RST provides a range of high-performance, low-cost solutions unlike any other network in operation today. We believe that fiber-connected communities are the future. Whether enterprise or commercial, we are dedicated to giving all of our customers high-bandwidth and low latency network connections so that delay times are minimal.

With data and technology demands on the rise, our all-fiber optic network can ultimately help you boost productivity and reduce time and cost.


With speeds 100 times faster than competing companies, RST offers high-capacity, dedicated fiber-optic networks that enable a quick response.

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Forget textbooks, pencils, and binders. These days, laptops and high-speed Internet access are a requirement in most learning environments.

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Data Centers

From energy, lighting and telecommunications to security systems, data centers serve as the main hub of today's communications infrastructure.

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Our Network

Our network has speeds more than 100 times faster than competitors

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber service lets businesses choose from a variety of customized connectivity options

Deep Experience

Deep experience in fiber backhaul connectivity and wireless setup


All-fiber broadband offerings provide real-time and low-latency connectivity

Underground Network

Network is buried underground to ensure maximum security, reliability and weather protection

Customer Service

Customer service is second to none

From Our Clients

Fiber-connected Communities are America's Future