• Technology

  • With speeds up to 10 gigabits per second – and services more than 100 times faster than the competition – RST offers quick and reliable internet, phone and video at significant savings over our competitors. Our customers benefit from unprecedented broadband service that ultimately helps boost productivity and reduce time and cost.

Delivered on a 100 percent underground fiber-optic network, RST provides the information you need when you need it – with virtually no downtime.

Dark Fiber

For those customers with high capacity bandwidth needs, who boast the expertise to control their own network systems.

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Wireless Technology

With the demand for connectivity increasing every day, it is more important than ever to have a robust wireless network.

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Lowest Latency Connectivity

The growth of cloud computing requires “superhighway” transport pathways from the source to the consumer.

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Underground Installation

RST provides a 100% pure fiber optic network, which includes backbone, middle and last-mile infrastructure installation.

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Our Network

Our network has speeds more than 100 times faster than competitors

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber service lets businesses choose from a variety of customized connectivity options

Deep Experience

Deep experience in fiber backhaul connectivity and wireless setup


All-fiber broadband offerings provide real-time and low-latency connectivity

Underground Network

Network is buried underground to ensure maximum security, reliability and weather protection

Customer Service

Customer service is second to none

From Our Clients

Fiber-connected Communities are America's Future