• RST Dark Fiber

Dark fiber technology

For customers with high capacity bandwidth needs and the expertise to control their own network, RST offers a dark fiber service.

Businesses can choose from a variety of customized connectivity options ranging from individual strands of fiber to complex high count cable designs.

Benefits include:

Virtually unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost

A flexible, competitive and customizable configuration tailored to your needs

Carrier-grade reliability

Support of all applications and protocol

A single point of contact for complete service management

Dark Fiber

For those customers with high capacity bandwidth needs, who boast the expertise to control their own network systems.

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Wireless Technology

With the demand for connectivity increasing every day, it is more important than ever to have a robust wireless network.

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Lowest Latency Connectivity

The growth of cloud computing requires “superhighway” transport pathways from the source to the consumer.

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Underground Installation

RST provides a 100% pure fiber optic network, which includes backbone, middle and last-mile infrastructure installation.

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Fiber-connected Communities are America's Future